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Our green Luxe Kit gives you everything you need to clear and control pimples and rebuild the health of your skin. The green Luxe kit is the best option for most skin types.

Includes our famous 3-Step program and our cult fave REMOVE Spot Treatment.


1 x 100ml CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash
Step 1 of our 3-Step program. Our pH balanced CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash effectively cleanses problem skin without removing all the natural oils or over-drying the skin, making it the perfect cleanser for acne skin. With soothing Aloe Vera, it leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and revitalised.

1 x 100ml CONTROL Acne Serum
Step 2 in our 3-Step program. Our green CONTROL Acne Serum is the best and most popular option for clearing pimples gently and effectively. Containing our unique marine-complex salt, this product delivers the key benefits to help break the acne cycle and importantly helps rebuild the health of your skin. Hero product and best seller!

1 x 100ml HYDRATE Lite Moisturiser
Step 3 in our 3-Step program, our HYDRATE Lite Moisturiser locks in vital moisture to keep your skin properly hydrated - without clogging your pores. This lightweight, non-greasy lotion is easily absorbed into your skin leaving it feeling soft and velvety smooth.

1 x 15ml REMOVE Spot Treatment
The perfect addition to our 3-Step program, our REMOVE Spot Treatment helps fast track your way to pimple free skin. Containing our unique marine-complex salt, this magical product helps prevent emerging pimples and also helps speed up the healing process of existing pimples. An absolute cult fave amongst our real-u community.

Limited Edition.


Christina (LUXE KIT)

Thank you so so much for creating such amazing products! I’ve been using these products for over a year now and am obsessed! I’ve always struggled with blemished skin but not since using Real-U!! The cleanser is honestly my holy grail!

Belinda (LUXE KIT)

We can’t thank you enough. Your product has cleared our daughters skin within 3 weeks of using. Indi has very sensitive skin and your product has been super gentle, so with being gentle and non irritating, she has been able to use daily without any complaints. Indi has just turned 12 and her skin was so lumpy with a whole forehead of underlying pimples and pimple breakouts around her nose and chin area. Your product, advice and tips have fixed her skin, and YAY!!! we have our daughter going into year 7 next year pimple free (huge confidence builder). We cannot Thank You enough. PS.  the tip you gave us, of me actually using the STEP 4 Spot Treatment on Indi when we tuck Indi in at night is perfect, as she loves her mini face massage I give her as I say goodnight. It stays on her bedside just as you suggested. Thanks again

Rebekah (LUXE)

I love how when consistently using real u, I am in control of my skin and how it just keeps improving. Ive tried other skin care products but feel that real u provides faster and more reassuring results. Thank you real u!!

rachelmcclea_makeup (LUXE KIT)

I’ve been using real-u for about two years now and the number of compliments I get on my skin is out of this world! I highly recommend their products to anyone who struggles with their skin 😍

Hayley.may1 (LUXE KIT)

Would like to give a massive shoutout to the company Real-U and founders the beautiful Ebony and her husband, these products are truly amazing and life changing, I’ve never felt so confident in my skin, I can actually leave the house without makeup on and not want to hide my face up, I use to struggle so much with feeling insecure about myself, I can not thank you enough for these live saving products. Thanks soo much Real-U for making me feel like the real me again, I will continue to purchase your products forever!!!! 💚💚💚


The best cleanser to clear pimples and acne prone skin
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Spot Treatment for Pimples by real-u Skincare
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