3x perfect FACE CLOTHS

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3 perfect FACE CLOTHS for problem skin. Using a face cloth to remove your cleanser provides a small amount of exfoliation each day, which helps stabilise problem skin.


Before use, rinse with warm water to get rid of any lingering laundry detergents and rest on a clean surface.
Use your FACE CLOTH in small circular movements to thoroughly remove CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash from your skin. This circular motion also guarantees gentle exfoliation daily.
If you need to double cleanse to remove makeup, don’t forget to thoroughly rinse your FACE CLOTH in between.
Use a fresh clean FACE CLOTH every time you cleanse -  morning and night.

After use, wash FACE CLOTH in a 60 degree wash to kill bacteria and dry promptly. 
Be careful, if left unwashed, your damp FACE CLOTH is a breeding ground for invisible bacteria. That’s why we always say to use a fresh FACE CLOTH each time you cleanse.

100% cotton.

Limited stock available.
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