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Bianca (CONTROL)

I have to reiterate how much your products have change my life (no seriously!!) I finally have the skin I’ve also wanted, being able to leave the house with just your control serum and nothing else has been a complete blessing as I’m a busy mum of two young boys. AND when I do wear makeup I just need a light BB cream and don’t need to cake on the foundation or use concealer. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you 🙏

14 Feb 2019

Cheyennerosescott (STARTER KIT)

About a year and a half ago I found myself in an every day tug of war with my skin! I tried everything, from vitamins to antibiotics, different creams and regimes. I saw doctors, naturopath, everything and nothing helped. For me personally it was something that really impacted how I felt, and my confidence and I found myself trying to hide it every day with make up. I had scrolled across @realu and after researching and reading as much as I could, I ordered it and I can genuinely say it was the first product I used that saved my skin. real-u was the product that said my skin back on track and got me to a happy place of mostly make up free days !  couldn’t recommend their products enough ✨

13 Feb 2019

Donna (#SKINFIT+)

My face was a wreck and I was breaking out which made me all the more self conscious. I first used the green serum but as it only helped for a little while I switched to red. Since then I've been following my progress and 3 weeks later seeing a huge difference.. I still have a long way to go but so far I am loving this product and the improvement it has done to my skin!

13 Feb 2019

Simone (#SKINFIT+)

Thank you for your amazing products, they have made my skin heal and look healthy.. I can't stop smiling!! but it's not just my skin that feels that way it's my mind, i now have a positive out look on how I see myself, I finally feel comfortable to be able to say for once I feel beautiful in the skin I am in! I can't tell you enough how thankful I am! I'm so incredibly grateful for your beautiful passion to help wonderful people achieve amazing results with there skin. I'm so grateful to have come across theses miracle products.. it's taken me a while to gain control over my skin and how I see myself.. acne didn't just take over myself as a person, it took over how I felt, I wouldn't go anywhere because I was so embarrassed about myself, I wouldn't even go to school, work, social events, even downstairs to see my family.. I was disgusted in myself, ever since I was 11 i was so ashamed of who I was! Only last year I was diagnosed with bowel and ovarie issues that play with not only my skin but my mental health, that began to play up with my skin even worse. I just want to thankyou and your team for the incredible products for clearing my skin! I haven't felt this self love in a long long time. You are a one of a kind and one hard working person, who is such an inspiration to many women So thank you so so much

04 Feb 2019

Tytrev12 (CONTROL)

Such a difference, thank you!

04 Feb 2019

Soraya (#SKINFIT)

I’ve used your product for about a month and see a big difference. They got really bad when I started full time work. I still get the odd pimples but they are not as sore and starting to clear up heaps. I suffered cyst acne which was very painful and was constantly trying to cover them up with make up which only made it worse. Nothing I found worked, they only irritated my skin. I feel so much confident and happy now. Thank you so much!

04 Feb 2019

Whitney (CONTROL+)

The results speak for themselves! Like many other beauties, I have spent hundreds if not thousands of $$ on expensive skincare products and treatments that have let me down. Nothing compares to Real U, I can't believe I've finally found something that works like a charm! Thank you for giving us beauties the confidence of clear, fresh and healthy skin!

04 Feb 2019

hannah (CONTROL)

I'm scared to imagine how much money I have spent over the years at different skin clinics recommending harsh peels, glycolic acids and scrubs, only to result in my skin being even more irritated! I'll now only ever put Real-U on my face! Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back xx

04 Feb 2019

makeupbyjbk (#SKINFIT)

I’ve been using the 3 step routine for about a month now and I am SO impressed!!!! I have tried basically every product out there for my acne prone skin, such as tables & medicated creams from the dermatologist and nothing has given me the results like real-u has!! My skin has cleared up so much and it actually looks and feels healthy which is such a rare case when using products targeted towards fighting acne as the most commonly used ingredients are benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic Acid, these dry out your skin so much! None of the real-u products contain these harsh ingredients which is incredible! They are so gentle on my skin yet very effective. I honestly can’t recommend this brand enough and highly suggest giving it a go if you have problem skin.

04 Feb 2019

Caitlin (TRAVEL)

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that i think your product is amazing! I haven't had clear skin since i was 12 years old, im now 24! This is my favourite product ever! Please never stop selling it :)

04 Feb 2019


Just wanted to say I love these products and they have completely saved/fixed my skin! I had already been on Roaccutane twice, once when I was 16 and once when I was 21, and I didn't want to do it again so thought I would give this ago first. So glad I did! I'm so happy with my skin now and don't feel embarrassed anymore! ✌💕

04 Feb 2019

Zoe (LUXE)

I recently started using your product after being recommended it by my doctor and I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin!! I used to have big clusters of red pimples all of my cheeks and chin and forehead and have never felt more comfortable being make up free!! Thank you so much for the reliability of your amazing product ❤

04 Feb 2019

Katherine (LUXE+)

Dramatic improvement after 6 or so weeks! Absolutely love your products. Went out today with no makeup on, and didn't fell self conscious at all. Thank you Ebony & real-u. xx

04 Feb 2019

Charlotte (#SKINFIT+)

I AM THRILLED WITH THESE PRODUCTS!!! Never have I ever had such amazing and fast results. In just over a week my entire face is clear. I have spent over $5000 in treatments and products in the past 5 years and nothing has been as effective nor as lovely on my skin. Thank you. Words cannot explain how much I grateful I am to have stumbled onto your products! You have a customer for life!

04 Feb 2019

Stephanie (LUXE+)

Seriously worth the money!! I love how great my skin feels, so much so I feel more confident WITHOUT makeup! I've only been using it just over a week and am noticing a difference! 🙌

01 Feb 2019

charisseo (STARTER KIT)

I love trying new beauty products and real-u has the cutest range and way of making your skin radiant 😍

01 Feb 2019


Hi there,I feel like your control face serum has done magic and I am so amazed at how much this has helped my skin and can’t wait for it to fully get rid of my scars. This is the 5th year of having acne and your products are a literal miracle worker. Thank you so much!!"

01 Feb 2019

Breeanna (STARTER KIT)

Ever since I moved back home to Australia from Dubai, I have had nonstop problems with my skin. Really bad pimple breakouts, acne and oily skin. I’ve never been so happy with how my skin has cleared up, even my parents have noticed my skin is healthy.. I have tried all different kinds of skin products and real-u is by far the best and made in Australia I love this product finally something that actually works, I have used this for 3 months now and I will never use anything else.. 😍 I recommend this highly for anyone 🙌"

01 Feb 2019

anna (#SKINFIT+)

I've been testing these products from real-u for the last 2 weeks now. Since I first used it, it became my daily routine that I can't miss anymore (I mean this sincerely). It's really worth the try! ♥️😘

01 Feb 2019

Penelope (LUXE KIT)

Just want to say a genuine THANK YOU! I’ve tried so many products and yours actually works. Ive noticed a big difference already. I suffer from hyperpigmentation and I’ve been feeling confident to leave the house without makeup as it’s helped my scarring. Also your beauty tips on the website have helped. I’ve become obsessed with your product already and ordered my second batch just now! X

01 Feb 2019

Arilydiakerr (STARTER KIT)

Just want to say a genuine THANK YOU! I’ve tried so many products and yours actually works. Ive noticed a big difference already. I suffer from hyperpigmentation and I’ve been feeling confident to leave the house without makeup as it’s helped my scarring. Also your beauty tips on the website have helped. I’ve become obsessed with your product already and ordered my second batch just now! X Also I get BIG spots when I’m hormonal on my cheeks that are really difficult to get rid of but your products stopped this so thanks 😊

01 Feb 2019


Love the feel of the Face washer, can't wash my face without it anymore

03 Jan 2019


I purchased the 3 step regime products with the green control serum and later on purchasing the face cloths when they recently came out. And I just want to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I cannot thank you enough for what you and your husband have created to transform my skin. I am so appreciative of your brand, it’s so easy to use, not too pricey (I’m a uni student), AND IT WORKS!!! So thank you so much, i finally have the confidence to look in the mirror and feel beautiful again. Thank you,

29 Dec 2018


I love using my face cloth, I find it works best damp with warm water, rubbing in circular motions from nose to the outer face, and don't forget the neck. the best way I've found to keep my cloth in good condition is to put it in the washing machine and then let it dry naturally.

11 Dec 2018

Reece (FACE CLOTH x3)

Love this range, especially the face cloths. I can't get enough of the clean feeling on my skin when using the Cleanser and face wash, but it still doesn't strip my skin. In love!!

09 Dec 2018

katherine (FACE CLOTH x3)

I purchased the real-u products and later on purchasing the face cloths . I went back to order a whole bunch because I love them so much!

09 Dec 2018

aleisha (FACE CLOTH X7)

Love this range, especially the face cloths. I can't get enough of the clean feeling on my skin when using the Cleanser and face wash, but it still doesn't strip my skin. In love!!

09 Dec 2018


Beautiful cleanser and when combined with the Face Washer, I find that is perfect for mine and my husbands skin. It cleans our skin well without overdrying and removing skin protection.

09 Dec 2018


I love how gentle this is on my skin. Combined with the other real-u products, my skin is so soft, smooth and clear!

09 Dec 2018

Thasmialoseli (TOP UP)

The product so are just perfect and I love them so much. I will never use other products again. Before Real-U my skin was terrible and I had no confidence to go out in public. After using Real-U my confidence was returned and I look and feel so much confident in my skin. Thank you Real-U

03 Dec 2018

Jlo (LUXE)

This product has changed my life!! I use all the Real-u products and am now able to walk out the door with no make-up on! The prices are reasonable and the products last a minimum of 3 months! I have recommended this product to several friends as they have all noticed how great my skin looks now! This product is the reason I don’t cry when I see myself in the mirror anymore. When I first saw this company I was skeptical as like a lot of people I’ve tried so many different things and get no results, so I spent a month researching the company and looking at reviews and decided it was worth a try and since purchasing the products for the first time in January I’ve never looked back!

15 Nov 2018

Brydie (TRAVEL)

My skin shifted from being inflamed and painful, to smooth and clear. I had no reaction to the product which is extremely rare because I react to every skin care product and have very sensitive skin. After my acne went down I noticed some scarring, however the cleanser is now assisting in reducing that too. This product is so amazing and I can’t recommend it enough!

15 Nov 2018

Sophie B (TOP UP)

Was perfect, ever since I've been using it my skin has been clear. Fast delivery and good price. Love the foaming was and the face oil it is amazing! highly recommend

29 Oct 2018

Georgie (#SKINFIT)

All these products were perfect for my skin. They didn't dry it out nor did they make it too oily. Honestly, these products and my skin feel like they were made for each other! So so happy with them and my results. They have helped me gain my confidence back and I would recommend these products to anyone and everyone

29 Oct 2018


Its a magical product i feel amazing after using this product no reaction at all i just love this its change my life it gave my confidancs back to me thank you real u love you

27 Oct 2018

Sarah (LUXE)

Real-U is hands down the most amazing acne care range I’ve ever used! As a late teenager I suffer from intense acne and acne scars that I can NEVER seem to get rid of and every time I try with creams it just makes it so much worse, I seen real-U on Instagram and seen their before and after photos and thought I’d give it a try and I’ve never been happier! I’ve only been using real-u for 2 weeks I use it Morning and night every day and my skin is more amazing now then it has ever been, I am glowing and most my acne scars are not their anymore !!! I Am recommending this product to everybody who has problems with their skin because it definitely will not disappoint !

24 Oct 2018


I've NEVER stuck to one brand of make up cleanser or moisture, nothing ever works for me the way real-U has. Other products were always more of to remove my makeup never to replenish my skin but, I’ve just ordered another more of the green control products. Its absolute amazing for my skin!!! I’m 25 and finally have the confident to go make up free for days on end. The moisture is used 3 times a day to make me skin extra smooth! Thank you Real-U team

12 Oct 2018

Mel J (LUXE)

I have PCOS, which gives me hormonal acne.. but I also have very pale and sensitive skin. Real-u is absolutely perfect for me. It quells the redness, my skin soaks it up without any greasiness. I received my package yesterday after not using it for two months and my skin was immediately calm, bright and amazing — even my mum commented on it! Thank you so so so much!

02 Oct 2018


I use to have multiple breakouts on my skin especially during that time of the month, however this cleanser helped with unclogging my pores and doesnt leave my skin feeling squeeky clean unlinke other cleansers-which is a good thing, my skin still feels hydrated after being cleanse. It also reudced the redness on my skin eapecially the areas around the breakouts! Have been using this for over 2 years now!!!

27 Sep 2018

Nicole (CONTROL+)

Absolutely love this product and all the real-u products they have seriously changed my life ! They have given my back my confidence and changed the way I see myself ❤️

27 Sep 2018

Nicole K (CONTROL)

After buying several brands of acne creams to try and clear up my skin I am so glad I have came across this. Within 2 weeks of using this product it has cleared up my horrible hormonal acne. Highly recommend!!

23 Sep 2018


This product did wonders for my skin! Before I started using this range, my skin would breakout nearly everyday! Now I hardly get any breakouts and my skin is so soft. It’s amazing!

13 Sep 2018


honestly i have never had such good results from a skin care brand ever. this was this fastest working treatment i’ve used and i am so so happy with the way my skins looks! not only does it feel smooth but it is hydrated, shiny, and basically pimple free (compared to what it used to be). i’ve recommended it to some of my friends, i love i that much, thank you :) x

13 Sep 2018

Alana (LUXE)

I have been trying to find the right product for my skin for years. A friend told me about real-u after seeing it online and trying it for herself. She’s a chef and her skin is exposed to fatty oil while cooking in the kitchen causing break-outs. I was using an expensive regime that didn’t seem to fit with my skin. I tried the real-u and after around 8 weeks my skin was healthier over-all. My break-outs have diminished over time and it’s the first product I am happy to stick with long term. It’s priced well, easy to order and a simple regime to follow. There is no lock in contract, you simply order as needed!

13 Sep 2018

Brittany (LUXE)

Helped with my pimples constantly popping up. The results were pretty much instant for me. I use it everyday and my skin loves me for it. I'm more confident now in not having to worry about wearing makeup. I just wake up and wash my face, apply serum and moisturise and it leaves me ready for the day!

11 Sep 2018


Was so excited to try this product as I've been looking at it for over a year and have seen so many incredible before and after pictures. My acne is severe and I even took before pictures hoping this would work.. after two months my skin has only gotten worse. I've stopped using it now as my acne has gotten worse and worse by each day. I continued using it as I expected it to get to get worse before getting better but unfortunately not :( this product looks like it works for so many lucky people but don't expect it to work on everyone! I recommend if your skin is getting worse to keep using it for a max of a month before discarding it as that's when your face should be getting used to the product!

11 Sep 2018

Caitlin (CONTROL+)

My acne is so much better than before i tried Real-U! This stuff is amazing, i wont use anything else on my skin.

11 Sep 2018

Charlotte T (LUXE)

I absolutely swear by real-u for my everyday skincare. It is fairly simple with only 4 steps and in the past 5 months has brought my skin back to life; clearing up my acne and giving my skin back it's natural glow! I have and will continue to highly recommend their products.

06 Sep 2018

Nush (Starter Kit)

I can definitely feel and see a difference in my skin since using Real-U! My skin isnt irritated or dry which it always was using other skin cleansers and treatments, which made me scratch and pick at my face all the time. Now I have clearer and healthier skin

10 Jul 2018

Allykat (CLEANSE)

Absolutely love the Real-U cleanser. I have suffered from cystic acne for as long as i can remember and since using Real-U i was able to stop my medication after being on it for years! An added bonus is i have still been able to use the cleanser during pregnancy to keep my acne under control. Absolutely love it!!

29 Jun 2018