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Aleezah Jane Stavrou (GREEN #SKINFIT)

I absolutely LOVE this! it has helped my skin so so much, just a week of using it. I can feel my skin so much softer and it also helps with my blemishes and dark spots. It also really helps my skin from acne so it's a big YAY for this kit!

16 Nov 2020

Kellie (REMOVE)

I’m in my 40s and have always suffered with acne to a degree. Over the years I have tried literally product out there available, both topical and oral. You name it I’ve tried it. The fight against blemishes is an uphill battle, especially if you have stubborn blemishes like me that can last for weeks. Personally I think the spot treatment product is an excellent place to start if you have had no luck with either Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide products as these two products do nothing for me but only dry my skin out without even reducing the blemish at all. The real u spot treatment I found to be gentle, non irritating and non drying, so much so to the point where I’m now going to buy the rest of their products to try. At the moment I only apply the product in the evenings but it still makes a difference. Using twice a day I imagine would get better results. I don’t normally write reviews, but given this is the only over the counter product I have tried (ever) that makes a difference to blemishes I just had to :)

14 Nov 2020


I can't recommend these products enough! I've suffered with horrible back and chest acne my whole adult life and I've tried everything- the pill, prescription meds, alternative/Chinese medicine and a zillion different skincare products. I've been using the Wash and the Red Control+ Gel for about a month and my skin is healthy, glowing and (almost) pimple free. Its a bloody miracle! And its so gentle, I have no hestitation getting some for my 12 year old who is getting a few pimples on her chin and forehead. So good!!!

24 Sep 2020


THIS!! Honestly, these products changed my skin. I struggled with hormonal breakouts daily and after one months usage, my skin has totally transformed!! The spot treatment is super helpful and works really well for my skin and if i apply it every few hours the breakout will be significantly less angry. The moisturiser also helped my skin to become less oily!! I'm am so in love with this line and would recommend it to anyone struggling with hormonal acne control. Huge bonus that this line is vegan and cruelty-free. Thanks real-u!

31 Aug 2020


I tried Starter Kit for the first time and really loved the products. The spot treament is my favourite tool to quickly get rid of pimples every now & then. Amazing products that work for me. Thank you real-u.

08 Jul 2020


I have only been using this cleanser for about 5 days and I can already see awesome results. My pimples have become a lot less inflamed and I can see that they are smaller. I do have pretty dry skin so I use a more nourishing moisturiser than the real-u one. I am really happy that this doesn't make my skin dry or tight at all. I do wish it was a little bit cheaper tho.

29 Jun 2020

bec (REMOVE)

This spot treatment is AMAZING! When I saw other reviews about it before buying, I honestly thought they were exaggerating a little, although now that I’ve tried it myself I know it really works - it doesn’t have a sticky feeling to it and is really effective at getting rid of pimples in a short amount of time. Definitely going to buy more!

23 Jun 2020


This moisturiser is amazing - until I tried it I never used moisturisers because I found them to be too oily, making my skin worse - although the realu one is great and gives my skin a perfect balance! Also a little goes a long way so it’s very good that the container lasts a while.

23 Jun 2020


This face cloth feels great on my skin + is a good size. I use it every morning + night + love the way it helps my skin!!

23 Jun 2020


This control serum is amazing! It helps my skin get really clear and it hasn’t got any fragrance in it which is good as sometimes I find fragrances overpowering. 100% recommend!!

23 Jun 2020


This control serum is amazing! It helps my skin get really clear and it hasn’t got any fragrance in it which is good as sometimes I find fragrances overpowering. 100% recommend!!

23 Jun 2020


I've been using this cleanser for a few weeks now and it's amazing! It makes my skin feel fresh + clean but doesn't dry it out :))

18 Jun 2020

Lilian Kynaston (#SKINFIT KIT)

I’m 16 and still in school and dealing with acne is the last thing I need on top of stress. I mean I only just started using realu for a few days now and I already see the little bumps on my cheekbones have gone away. I’m off to a great start these products leave your skin feeling super soft and fingers crossed that the future is positive.

01 Jun 2020


I went from suffering from bad hormonal acne on my chin to basically clear skin. Since starting this product i have never seen my skin so clear and fresh. By far the best product I have ever tried and the only one i have seen genuine results from I am so happy ! Highly recommend for anyone suffering from hormonal or cystic acne !!

01 Jun 2020


My skin has never been clearer! I have been using Real-U for nearly two years now and the results keep me coming back time after time. Previously having dealt with dry and oily combination skin with bad break outs. I now have clear, smooth, healthy skin and don't bother with wearing foundation anymore.

26 May 2020

Kristina (#SKINFIT+ KIT)

I’ve been using the cleanser, serum + and moisturiser since 2017. It’s changed my life! My skin was so bad before I started using it and I remember going to bed every night wishing for a miracle. I tried real-u and it was my miracle!!! After about a month of consistent usage I started to see results and after 3 months my skin was CLEAR! And it still is to this day. Sometimes I will have the odd break out but it’s normal, it’s no longer acne. I stopped wearing make up and am confident in my skin, finally. If you are are your wits end looking for a product that will work, you have to try this. I am forever grateful.

22 May 2020

Laura (LUXE+ KIT)

If I could give 100 stars I would !! Legitimately the BEST FRIGGN PRODUCT IVE EVER USED ❤️ I would highly recommend this ! I can’t believe how it worked and how kind it was to my skin! I look forward to using this product for the rest of my life 🥳😊😍

19 May 2020


The best cleanser I've ever used. Leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean without drying it out like most cleansers do. I would 100% recommend this.

01 May 2020


My son has been using this kit for 3 days, and already seeing improvement! Can not tell you how happy we are with these products. We have tried everything. EVERYTHING. This is by far the best.

28 Apr 2020

Skye Engler (HYDRATE)

No joke, this product changed my life I wish I could tell everyone about it. I struggled for years with acne and tried everything, I was religious and followed the instructions and I got nowhere it actually sometimes made my skin worse by clogging the pores and using harsh chemicals on my skin. Real-U was the ONLY thing that worked. And it was fast too. I only use the cleanser and moisturiser because $$$ but I’m sure the control and spot treatment is equally as good. The cleanser is not harsh in my skin it doesn’t dry it out and it doesn’t make it oily it just cleans my pores and it’s absolutely beautiful. The moisturiser is so light so it doesn’t block my pores and honestly my face looks so lively and plump the next morning. The night I don’t use the moisturiser my skin looks was worse than the mornings I do. Not only does it help to clear everything up but it 100% adds an extra glow. I will forever love my mum for getting me this. (P.s. I’ve been using this product for 3 years and I use it EVERY night)

21 Apr 2020

Tayla (LUXE+ KIT)

I brought this product for my daughter who was suffering from acne. After trying various products this is the only product that has cleared up her skin. Thank you!!

12 Apr 2020


Changed my life!!! This product is miraculous. I had such a bad skin before using it. Real-u changed it all. I am so grateful. I thought I'd only use it one time but it's my fourth purchase now!

08 Apr 2020

Shannan (LUXE+ KIT)

Love these products! My skin is already so much clearer and all the products soak into my skin perfectly :)

08 Apr 2020


Thank goodness for Real U! I have tried everything to clear my acne since I was a teenager, and this is the first product that has cleared my adult acne and not irritated my sensitive skin! Thank you! The mosturizer is wonderful and creamy and makes your skin feel actually hydrated.

08 Apr 2020

Shannon (LUXE+ KIT)

I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS! My skin has never felt better It’s the easiest skincare routine I have ever had Thank you!

06 Apr 2020

Kelly-Anne (STARTER+ KIT)

While my skin is not as problematic as some, my acne is stubborn. In in all my years of trying products I have probably tried them all (even the ones that are on infomercials) and my skin has never been as clear and soft and just lovely, no burning, no redness just clean lovely skin. Thank you

17 Mar 2020


I purchased this going in thinking can't be any differs t to what I use. Little did I know that it would change that mind frame. I feel more confident in my skin since using this. Real u product will remain in my life for as long as I need. It's amazing!!!!

17 Mar 2020

Stephanie (STARTER+ KIT)

Absolutely love these products, I won’t use anything else now. If you want fast and real results you truely cannot go past real-u. From someone who has suffered with their skin constantly but not anymore.

15 Mar 2020


I have been using Real-U for about 3-4 years. I discovered it when I received some samples. I decided to stick with it to really give it a go. It wasn’t until I started receiving compliments on my skin that I really noticed the difference. I used to have tiny bumps all over my forehead and around my chin/mouth, and I hadn’t noticed how much they cleared up until somebody pointed it out. Ebony is amazing, her products really do speak for their self! And I LOVE that it’s such a simple skin care routine! I have many make up free days now, and as long as I stick to my routine, my skin is always clear, apart from the odd single hormonal pimple every now and then. (and in those situations I use the spot treatment which clears them up in a few days) Over the years I’ve recommended Real-U to my friends and family who still use it to this day. For those who are hesitant on trying Real-U, purchase the travel kit and give it a go, it’s worth every cent!

11 Mar 2020


OMG!!!! BEST CLEANSER EVER!! I have been through hundreds of different cleansers trying to get rid of my bad skin and nothing has worked till now. The Real-U cleanser is a saviour and I can’t thank it enough for majorly boosting my confidence!!! It is a blessing upon this earth!!

29 Feb 2020


Gah! I cannot thank you enough! My skin has become so much clearer and I have become so much more confident, I find myself wearing less and less makeup everyday and it’s only been a week! The cleanser and spot treatment has saved my life. 100% recommend!!!

29 Feb 2020

Christina (LUXE KIT)

Thank you so so much for creating such amazing products! I’ve been using these products for over a year now and am obsessed! I’ve always struggled with blemished skin but not since using Real-U!! The cleanser is honestly my holy grail!

28 Nov 2019

gihan (CONTROL+)

ITS THE MOST AMAZING PRODUCT I HAVE USED!!! In all honesty this has got to be one of the best skincare range i have used. Definitely and sincerely recommend real u

27 Nov 2019

Joelle (CLEANSE)

I really loved using real u, it has helped me so much. My skin is much softer. I like to use the real u cleanser because it doesn’t dry up the skin and the tips given about skin care a very helpful.

27 Nov 2019


I have suffered with cystic acne for most of my adult life. I have been using the skin fit system for almost a year now and my breakouts are minimal.

26 Nov 2019

Belinda (LUXE KIT)

We can’t thank you enough. Your product has cleared our daughters skin within 3 weeks of using. Indi has very sensitive skin and your product has been super gentle, so with being gentle and non irritating, she has been able to use daily without any complaints. Indi has just turned 12 and her skin was so lumpy with a whole forehead of underlying pimples and pimple breakouts around her nose and chin area. Your product, advice and tips have fixed her skin, and YAY!!! we have our daughter going into year 7 next year pimple free (huge confidence builder). We cannot Thank You enough. PS.  the tip you gave us, of me actually using the STEP 4 Spot Treatment on Indi when we tuck Indi in at night is perfect, as she loves her mini face massage I give her as I say goodnight. It stays on her bedside just as you suggested. Thanks again

26 Nov 2019


Having been on Roaccutane in the past and thinking all my skin troubles were over, some stressful experiences and some unexplained hormonal changes caused my skin to break out and become the worst it had ever been. My self confidence was ruined all over again and I was considering going back into Roaccuatane almost 14 years later. I stumbled upon an add for Real-U while browsing Instagram one day and thought ‘What do I have to lose?’ And honestly it’s been almost 2 years of using it and I have never ever been healthier or more full of a radiant glow. So much so that I can go out without makeup. I ditched my primer in favour of this amazing moisturiser and I’ve never looked back. Has been worth every cent!

26 Nov 2019


LOVE Real-U. Wish I had found it sooner. Doesn’t dry out your skin or burn or make it flake. Love Love Love 💕

26 Nov 2019


This entire range of product has saved my skin! Couldn’t recommend it enough!

26 Nov 2019

Corinne (STARTER+ KIT)

I cannot stress enough how amazing this brand is. Honestly, it’s changed my life. I can’t imagine my life without real-u. From having such problem skin when I was younger which continued into my 20’s, it was such an amazing feeling to see how quickly my skin changed when I started using this after a few weeks. Now I can happily walk around without makeup on with even more confidence than I had before. Try real-u, you will not regret it!

26 Nov 2019

Freya (LUXE+ KIT)

I have always struggled with my skin until I found real-u!! I have very sensitive and oily skin and these products have been the only thing that work for me and have made me feel so confident. Highly recommend :) can’t wait for these products to be in Priceline so I can purchase them easier

26 Nov 2019

Rebekah (LUXE)

I love how when consistently using real u, I am in control of my skin and how it just keeps improving. Ive tried other skin care products but feel that real u provides faster and more reassuring results. Thank you real u!!

26 Nov 2019

Mollie (#SKINFIT+)

Real u has made my skin feel and look amazing. I have been using the product for just under 3 years and to this day it still is the best thing I’ve ever brought. Love it so much, can recommend it enough!!

25 Nov 2019

Jessica (STARTER+ KIT)

Great skin care range without the harsh chemicals! I’ve been using Real U products for 2 years now! You’ve got me hooked!

25 Nov 2019

Jessica (CLEANSE)

Finally found the perfect cleanser that leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, easily removes make up and leaves my skin feeling good without over drying or harsh chemicals. The only products I use & recommend in skin care.

25 Nov 2019

Shannon (#SKINFIT)

I wish I could rate this higher than 5 stars. This skincare range is amazing I had tried a million skin care ranges and products and wasted so much money thinking I had to do a ten step routine to clear my face. This 3 step routine started working almost immediately. I cannot fault these products.

25 Nov 2019

Rebekah Ritchie (CLEANSE)

Love Love Love this product. Have been using for years now and it’s cleared my skin up! I’d tried multiple products and nothing worked, but this does. It’s been my life saver

25 Nov 2019

Joelle (#SKINFIT)

I recently started using Real-U and I just love how it leaves my skin felling soft and hydrated.

25 Nov 2019

Kristina (#SKINFIT)

I’ve been using these products for a few years now. They really changed my life! Using the cleanser, control + and the moisturiser cleared up the quite severe acne I had and I no longer have breakouts. It keeps my skin under control and I’m confident wearing no make up. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found these products. Secretly waiting and hoping for a face mask product to be released ;)

25 Nov 2019

karmenrgibson (CONTROL+)

I’m currently using your face-wash and red control serum and loving it! My big breakouts of angry red and irritated acne is almost gone.

13 Nov 2019