I was meant to go to work this morning with my dad but he's sick and I'm getting a cold, so we decided to chill instead.  The weather is pretty cloudy outside, it's really windy. Hopefully it clears up so I can go out later, but I really want to do a skincare routine video, because I've had a skin journey.

My skin was never really bad, but I had a couple breakouts.  I just want to show you what I do for my skin - my tips and tricks. My skin's not perfect but no one's perfect and my skin is looking fairly good at the moment. There are only a few pimples, and that's scarring [shows her scarring up-close]… I'm a bit of a pimple popper, I really shouldn't do that, but it happens.

My skincare routine works for me, I'm not gonna promise that it's gonna work for anyone else. I do have my tips and tricks I know, and they will work for everyone but the products I use might not be for you.

So, basically I have an oily skin type and this means I have large pores on my skin that create what is called sebum.

Sebum acts as a barrier so when your skin is dry or it's dirty, sebum comes from your skin to act as a barrier to prevent dirt going in your pores.  It also helps hydrate your dry areas, but sometimes excess sebum is produced, and it blocks up your pores. That's when pimples and breakouts occur.

That's not a good thing - this is why we need a good skin care routine along with tips and tricks so excess oil isn't produced…[Music]…

I'm gonna be real with you guys I don’t do my [skincare routine] in the morning except weekend's because I don't have enough time in the mornings. Usually I just grab a cotton pad and some Micellar Water, and I just go around my face and then moisturise.  It is morning now, but I'm gonna do my night routine and go through a few products that I do use.

First is the cleanser which is super important because you need to get rid of all those excess oils and all the dirt out of your pores, let me insert photo of my pores…[photo insert shown in video]…they are not pretty…

I like to use cleansers that are organic or barely have chemicals in them. My face washes are both nearly empty as these are my favourites.  We have the real-u Cleanser, it’s so good. The cleanse doesn't have any smell, it's like a gel foam so basically you add a little bit of water and you rub it into your skin. It's beautiful, you can rub it in your eyes and it doesn't it affect your eyes at all.  It's amazing.

This one hydrates my skin and hydration is super important when you've got a oily skin because if you've got dry skin you will just produce sebum outta nowhere and you don't want that.

This one's really effective, it removes you make up really well and like it says here, it helps boosts your skin’s hydration.  It's oil free and suitable for sensitive skin- so these ones are really good I love them.

Obviously, I'll be in the shower when I cleanse my face but for now I’ll wet my hands and make sure my hands are clean before I wash my face.  I just wanna make sure I get every part my face, many people would forget up here, around the sides, especially the chin.  The amount of times I've had pimples on my jaw and that's where I forget to cleanse so I've learned from that.

I hate patting my face down till it’s dry [using a face cloth] because these things have bacteria in them and when you push them onto your skin, the bacteria from the face towel gets into your pores and causes breakouts.  So I just let it airdry which is super annoying.

I just want to show you what scrubs I use, about one to two times a week to scrub my face. I use the St Ives. One which is Blemish Control and the other is Even and Bright -they look like this [shows product] um basically I'm sure everyone has tried this one and it's really thick. It has these little bead things and it's just good and makes your skin so smooth.  But yeah you don't want to use this every night because it will eventually just destroy the skin.

The next thing I use is Neutrogena toner, this is alcohol-free, which is good as you don’t want alcohol in your toner that will just strip your skin’s natural moisture out, which is a really good thing.  This one is really natural and its super refreshing and I definitely recommend this.  It’s not harsh on your skin.  doesn't burn it, doesn't make my skin red. I’ve got sensitive skin and this is just like water – its amazing.

I don’t put this on a cotton pad, I know you are supposed to, but I don’t know why, I just feel like it doesn’t do a good job. So, I put it on my hands and rub it in a little and just pat it into my skin.  It really gets into my skin’s pores so with the toner it really helps prevents the oils from blocking the pores which helps clean your skin.

The next step is the moisturiser.  I just got sent some more real-u Hydrate Lite Moisturiser because I used the rest of mine. I have actually fallen in love with this one!

The moisturizer is so important - I know a lot of people don’t and I'm like “what are you doing?” you need some moisture because you don't want the excess oils on your skin. That's how you get pimples, so you need to make sure your skin is hydrated. If the skin isn’t hydrated, that's gonna clog your pores and create those pimples.

This is my moisturizer [shows product] I have had so many different moisturizers and they usually make my skin so oily they are so thick. They just don't soak into my skin and it just they stay there overnight and it's disgusting and I wake up. My skin is just gross and everything.

This one soaks into my skin and it feels really dewy and glowy- you only need a little bit like this [shows you the amount she uses]  just a little bit. A little bit goes a long way. First I warm it up in my hands, that helps make it go a long way   and don’t forget to moisturise your neck because when you get older you will get wrinkles and moisturizing my neck prevents that - and yes I start away my face

Straight away my face feels sticky but it's not shiny. I don't really know how to explain it  - it's so different from anything I've tried.  It like just like soaks in like it's not oily it just feels good. I give it like 10 minutes to soak in [Music].

I do this routine at least 5 times a week, now because it’s the middle of the day I am not going to do anymore, but I’ll talk you through what else I do.

I'm just gonna telling you a little bit about my favourite masks and my pimple or spot treatments and stuff like that. Oh, this is one of my favourite brands but yeah we've got real-u again!

This is a spot treatment so I do put this on my pimples before I go to sleep. I think it just helps get rid of the redness and those pimples don't really come out - you know when it's a blind pimple you want to pop it but it's not there yet and it's just annoying - this guy got you!

I also use masks, this one here [shows product to camera] is a clay mask. It’s a pinky-purple clay mask made in Australia and it has all these herbs and stuff in it. It just smells super nice -I think it's gonna take all the toxins out of your skin. It is brightening and detoxifying - it's super good.

Obviously I always I do this after I cleanse, then I put the mask on and it draws out all that oil and dirt out my skin and so definitely recommend this one you guys.

You will have seen this one before on Instagram which blew up so it's another Australian pink clay mask. It smells like roses. It's super soothing and smooth, and like yep I've made love to that one, but again this is detoxifying and I feel like it gets rid of my redness it just suits my skin.

Now that I've shown you my skincare routine, I’ll go through some simple tricks that I do to prevent my skin getting red or having a breakout:


  1. No makeup when exercising -when you exercise you gonna get sweaty, your face is gonna produce oils and that makeup is gonna get in your pores so no makeup.
  2. You probably heard this a lot but drink water. Hydration is super important for your skin.
  3. I prefer using natural products on my skin- I just feel like it's less risk of something bad happening and I feel like my skin just loves it more and soaks it in more. It just feels a lot better off!
  4. Another tip- avoid touching your face as much as possible I never touch my face. If you know me, I don't lean on my head with my hand.


I should probably clean my mobile phone more, it's probably how I got this here [shows a pimple on side of her face] because the dirt and on my phone has been touching my skin.

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