real-u skincare review: with Stevie J Clarke

Well known makeup artist from Perth shares her skincare review

Stevie J Clarke is a well-known makeup artist whose open, expressive personality has garnered her a large following.  She shares with us her real-u skincare review:

"My current beauty skincare favourite I have is from real-u Australia. Now I've posted an Instagram review post the other day, as you can see my skin is pretty damn good compared to what it used to be. I still got a few face demons and so this is what I bought the other day [shows real-u products she is currently reviewing].

A few months ago I was getting so sick of having such bad acne.   I had watched Stephanie Bailey on YouTube who talked about real-u.  I got all these five products, I think it was around $80 [shows real-u products she is currently reviewing].

So I'll insert a photo here [photo shows up in video] of what my skin looked like about a month and a half ago, and as you can see in the top photo my skin is literally like hardcore acne- so bad!

I don't even know why it was getting so bad, it was just so random. It’s been doing that for so long, and I was always getting really, really bad hormonal breakouts that just they never went away.  They [the hormonal breakouts] just got worse and worse, and so I've been looking online for so long and I'm like: “I don't want to spend heaps and heaps of money on skin.”

So many people say you need to spend like heaps of money on skincare for it to work, and I was like mmm [shrugs shoulders] you know, and then I saw real-u.

Before I bought real-u I was using a lot of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid on my skin so it was literally just drying everything out, burning everything on my face, just making it worse.

I started watching YouTube videos of dermatologists saying that you shouldn't use benzoyl peroxide on your skin and you shouldn't use salicylic acid and it (benzoyl peroxide) dries out your skin so much, to the point where it heals slower (your face heals slower).

This skincare has no nasties in it, doesn't have benzoyl peroxide, no salicylic acid.

I bought the ctrl+ base gel (Control+ Serum)  first and I used this for about three weeks and in the first couple of days -  like days-  like three, two days, I saw a difference and you would not believe it!

I was so happy like every single night before that I would be nearly in tears to Jimmy, my partner, talking about how I hated my skin and how it was so disgusting because I wear a lot of makeup.  I wear makeup every day and I love makeup.  Makeup is my passion and it's so hard to get your makeup looking nicer when you have really bad skin underneath.

But now my makeup is starting to look a lot nicer now that my skin is a lot better.  I gave up my Dermalogica face wash and was like: “I'm gonna buy the whole range”

I'm gonna buy the whole range because I feel like it's gonna work even better if I buy all of them and use them all in conjunction with each other.

When I bought this though I was still sceptical about it so I only purchased the 50ml I think it was- and how amazing is this I got an email from real-u.

[Reads aloud…] Thanks for your order Stevie, we just can't get enough about 50ml control products at the moment so we're sending you our 100ml product at no extra cost.  Enjoy!”    …do I need to say any more?

I was like- “what you're gonna send me a bigger one that I didn't pay for?”

I paid for the cheaper one, this is the best company ever. I was just like “oh my god that's amazing!”

I was so happy and I was like awesome, straight off the bat I really liked this company.

So I purchased the whole range. It came with the Cleanse Gentle Foaming Wash,  Control Acne Serum so this is for more normal skin and this one's (Control+ Serum)  is for like more problematic skins,  the moisturizer which I freaking love -  this moisturizers like it is so nice I just really like this moisturizer.  And then it came with a mini control face gel and then it comes with the Spot Treatment which looks like this [shows product in video]. Don't mind my dog biting into it.

So I posted that photo and so many people were messaging me saying “you're so brave for posting that, like your skin looks so much better, like I'm buying this now” and I was like “do buy it it's amazing I hope it works for you.”

And I really hope it does work for the people that are buying it because I truly believe in this brand like it's so good already!

I can’t believe it but I'm definitely not gonna stop using it and hopefully my skin's just gonna keep getting better and better.  Ebony directly messaged me on Instagram thanking me for posting and sharing my results and then they posted and shared my results on their page as well and god there were so many people that were just like I'm buying it now that looks amazing!

These results are amazing, I am so stoked that I found this skincare line, I love it so much thank you so much real-u, you have literally changed my life like you have made me the happiest person ever.”

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