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For today's video, I'm doing another product review, and this one is different from my usual product reviews because I tend to do a lot of Korean and Asian brand products, especially for skincare. Today, I'm going to be doing a 100% Australian skincare brand review for you guys!

A lot of people from my vlog channel were adamant about wanting to see me review some Australian brands once I moved here. And of course when I moved here, I was really curious to try out some Australian products, and see what kind of companies were good for skincare. On top of which, I was a little bit sceptical because I’ve been used to doing Korean skincare for four years now. My skin has always been set on that Korean style skincare routine. So, I was a little bit sceptical to try something new, especially from a western style brand, just because I'm so used to a 10-step Korean skincare routine or seven-step Korean skincare routine.

real-u skincare (which is an Australian company) contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in trying some of their products, and if I felt like it would suit my skin. I checked out their website and their brand and it really appealed to me, because the whole entire brand is dedicated to acne-prone skin types and people with oily and sensitive skin. So, once I saw that, I was very interested in trying it out, but I was also a little bit nervous at the same time. I wanted to give it a shot.

I wanted to share my experience with this Australian skincare brand for you guys and I was also just really curious for myself.

One thing I noticed once I moved to Australia is that my skin started to change… ever since I came here I have more of an issue with clogged pores than I did before. Before, it was sensitivity acne and now it's clogged pore acne - I get a lot of under the skin bumps that are really red and inflamed - it's just like my skin can't really breathe and it's also very dry.

So let's hop right into the review – as I said before real-u Australia focuses on acne-prone, oily, and sensitive skin types, and the main thing that they focus on is cutting out ingredients that can really be harmful for certain people’s skin. The two ingredients that they cut out is benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

You may think that's a bit weird, because those two ingredients are so common in western skincare brands - they are everywhere, especially for acne treatment products. That’s what I liked about this brand -its very Korean style of them. I love Korean skin care because it really focused on not having harsh ingredients, and focused more on having more gentle and safe ingredients for the skin and treatment of acne. When I saw that I was like “wow this brand definitely knows what they're talking about.”

Now this is not an ‘all natural’ skincare brand – it’s an acne treatment line so it does have other ingredients in there – that is the sacrifice we do make when we're focusing on treating acne. But these ingredients and products are a lot gentler compared to other Western brands. Unfortunately, the brand does contain some alcohol in it. For those of you that are a little bit more sensitive to certain alcohol, I definitely recommend you check the ingredients list of each product to see if the alcohol that you are sensitive to is within the product that you're interested in. It might not work for you, but personally for me alcohol doesn't really bother my skin type. It's more benzoyl peroxide salicylic acid or fragrance that really bother my skin, especially salicylic acid in high quantities.

Otherwise, everything else is more on the safe side for acne treatments.

One thing I also really love is that the products don’t have any fragrance, which I am really thankful for because it's always so risky for me when I get a product and find out is has fragrance in it.

The first product I'm going to be talking about today is the real-u CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash.

I don't really like to change up my cleanses too much as sometimes I can have really bad reactions, so I was a bit sceptical to try this out. But it really surprised me. I have been using it every single morning to cleanse my face and I really like it because it's actually gentle – it doesn't overly strip your skin.

I usually stay away from [foaming washes] because they tend to be more stripping of oils and nutrients in the skin.  This is the perfect light weight cleanse for the morning. For night, it doesn't really remove my makeup, but for a morning this is literally all my skin needs to cleanse because it's so nice and gentle. It has no fragrance, it doesn't foam too much. I'm actually surprised how gentle it is.

The next product they sent me is one I was really excited about. It's the real-u CONTROL Acne Serum and this product I was really excited about because I tend to love the hydrating side of skincare.  Gel serums, liquids and lotions I really love! Especially if they focus more on hydrating the skin because my skin is always dehydrated, even though I drink a ton of water. Dehydration is one of my main concerns with my skin because it's what leads to all my acne issues.

If you guys feel like your skin is tight, has a lot of fine lines and just has a thirsty feel to it, but it's not cracking or peeling everywhere - your skin is probably dehydrated. That can lead to a lot of issues with enlarged pores. It can lead to acne and clogged pores because your skin isn't breathing properly.

Fixing your dehydration can probably be a cure to a lot of people's clogged pores and acne so definitely look into that!

It's really exciting to try this skincare range out because it's a product that focuses on being gentle when treating acne but also deeply hydrating at the same time. This is something that I really badly need so when I first tried it out it just felt so refreshing on my skin. It had this interesting cooling effect over my skin that absorbed perfectly. I really love that this product doesn't contain any fragrance so it's one that I especially love for that.

This actually has become a staple doing my skincare routine both morning and night. I use it as my hydrating gel, for now I don't use anything else. This will be my hydration layer in every step of my skincare routine now. I am absolutely in love with this product.

The next one that I got is the real-u hydrate light moisturizer. As I told you before it really focuses on a sensitive acne prone and oily skin type, so a lot of their skincare products are more focused towards the hydration side rather than the actual nourishing, heavy duty, rich side of skincare. It's interesting this this product is kind the enhanced version of the serum that I showed you before. It has a really similar texture to it however you can tell it’s just is a little bit denser and it also leaves a totally different feeling on the skin. It also feels very hydrating and moisturizing but at the same time it doesn't leave that thick heavy layer like a cream or like a really deep moisturizing lotion- it's an interesting texture.

I love it, I feel like it's honestly the perfect moisturizer for people with combination, dehydrated skin in the summer time during the day. And at night if you have oily skin this is a great night cream to try out. I think it's the perfect amount of moisturising hydration for those with acne for dry, sensitive skin. I have been using this as my night treatment and it actually worked really well for me. I've really been enjoying it. In fact, I can use it around my mouth area which is my most sensitive area on my face.

I have not gotten irritation from any of these skincare products- I'm so astonished! It's been so long since I've been able to use so many products from an acne treatment line and not be irritated by it!

The next and last product that I got is the real-u Spot Treatment. I tried it out and I was expecting it to maybe burn my skin, because a lot of Western brands bought treatments out that I have used in the past.   They have always burnt my skin and the only ones that have never burnt my skin have been Korean and Japanese ones.   But those ones never worked for me so it's really good to try this out because it has none of the benzoyl peroxide or the salicylic acid which are the ingredients that are usually found in Western brands and they do burn the skin.

So, I gave this a shot because I have been having clogged pore problems, and I actually have a spot right here. I'm wearing extremely thin makeup today, it's literally just a CC cream just for some light colour correction. You can see I have a spot here and I put this on…what three hours ago, and it's already feels flat.

It flattens my acne spots and gets rid of the inflammation without burning my skin. It doesn't fry your pimples off, it just kind of makes them disappear- it is so so so so good you guys!

So, based on my experience with this acne spot treatment cream I would say it's more of an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial spot treatment, but it actually works compared to the Japanese ones that I was using in the past.  Those ones worked but it took so long, it wasn't really that effective as a spot treatment. But this works so fast you guys

Overall with using this entire skin care routine for two weeks (that's how long I've been using it for) I have to say I think it's great!

I've had no breakouts, no irritation and my skin hasn't gotten more dry or flaky- and it hasn't become too oily or moisturized. My clogged pore problem has been reducing significantly since I started using its so it's not one of those acne treatment routines that I think will make a massive difference super fast, like instantaneously. I think it's more of the gentle slow curing of acne and just kind of balancing your skin and making it return to its normal state, or a normal state that it should be at.

I think this is a really great product, I'm super impressed with it. Personally, in my opinion the packaging is a little bit basic but I think that's all it really needs. It doesn't need to look super fabulous but to me it really does look like your basic, average western acne treatment brand. I don’t know why, something about it just reminds me of an acne treatment brand.

I'm really impressed- I definitely recommend you check them out if you're someone that's suffering with constant acne struggles and you have yet to find a skincare routine that works for you. Definitely give real-u a shot. They're fairly affordable, a little goes along with the product. I only ever used a pea-sized amount of everything, and even the spot treatment I don't even have to use that much.

Definitely give them a shot if you guys are interested and I hope it helps anyone out there who is interested in any kind of Australian acne treatment skincare.

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