real-u review with Anneka

Emerging Youtube Talent Anneka shares her night time skincare review

We couldn’t resist sharing Anneka’s review of real-u products - she is super cute!!

"Hey guys it's Anneka back here with another video.  So today's video is super different, I really hope you enjoy it still.  This is just really not my style of video, but I still wanted to just do it for you guys. Pretty much this is like my afternoon/ night routine.

 I just show like the “rough things” like the usual things I do, like my skincare routine, and I just really hope you enjoy this. Let me know if you enjoy it and let me know if you wanted like a morning routine? Without further ado, let's get straight on into this video.

 So firstly, when I come home I go to my room because I just feel really relaxed in my room and I just like to clean my room and get everything done. Because it just really helps me calm down and helps me relax.  

 So when I get to my room I really like to do a few things just to get a bit more organised. Something that personally helps me feel organized is putting on YouTube videos. So I put on Lina one of my internet best friends, and it just helps me get productive.

I also put on this Lucas Paw-Paw Ointment too.

Another thing I really need to do before bed is brush out my hair fully and then flat it so it doesn't get naughty again, because it takes forever to brush out in the morning. Next, I obviously get changed into my pajamas cuz I love them!

Fun fact - I really enjoy cleaning my room! So the next thing I do is clean my room, pack away all old clothes-it's a great time as well for watching Lina. The next thing I do is my skincare routine which I recently got these amazing products from real-u skincare and I am officially obsessed with their products!

First, I cleanse my face with their Gentle Foaming Wash which I absolutely love. I put a bit on my hands and then I put a little bit of water on my hands and just massage it through my skin.

Next, I use the real-u Face Cloth to just wash all the sweaty stuff off my skin. This really has honestly helped my skin. So my next step is to use I the real-u Control Serum. I really love this stuff and I really feel like it does a lot for me. I just rub that all over my face and massage it in and just let that dry. Obviously having a great time!

Next, I use the real-u Hydrate Moisturizer to just moisturize my face and really hydrate it. Next, I use the real-u Spot Treatment and just put this all over any pimples, any red areas I have, and I truly see the difference in my skin.

Next I just floss my teeth with these charcoal infused floss picks from Pearlbar. I absolutely love them and they make my teeth so clean. Then I take my Pearlbar soft bristle infused toothbrush with my Pearlbar activated charcoal toothpaste and it's all natural to clean and whiten my teeth. 

And then I just pack away all my products I used and get ready for bed, and that is my night routine."

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