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The best advice on how to clear acne, pimples and blackheads while keeping your skin healthy and strong.

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Your questions answered

Can real-u help my skin? I’ve tried so many products and it never works for me.
This is because most acne products contain the "2 Common Nasties" - Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. When our skin is in breakout mode, the products people often turn to actually strip the skin, leaving it dry and sensitive. This sends the oil glands into overdrive, leaving the skin increasingly oily and even more likely to breakout! The longer you continue in this cycle, the more inflamed and sensitive your skin becomes.

Our range is based on new technology, unique to real-u, that works in reverse to help clear, control and heal problem skin. Our 3-Step Program works to calm your skin with a gentle formula that works with your skin not against it.

Everyone’s skin responds differently and although real-u delivers great results for most Beauties, it is not something we guarantee will work the same for every skin.
To see real-u results click here.
Difference between Control and Control+ Serum
Our 2 serums are formulated differently to suit different skin types. It's not a "get the stronger one... get faster results" kind of thing. And it's important to choose the serum most suited to your skin. Our green Control Serum is suitable for most Beauties, as it clears and prevents breakouts while rebuilding the health of your skin. Our red Control+ Serum is only suitable for very stubborn, very persistent and very problematic skin conditions. Both CONTROL Acne Serums are gentle on skin, but tough on pimples. Find out which Serum will suit your skin best here. If you need further help deciding send a pic of your skin to  and Ebony will be happy to advise you further.
How do I use real-u products?
Our products are based on our 3-Step Program.
Step 1: CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash 
Step 2: CONTROL Acne Serum
Step 3: HYDRATE Lite Moisturiser 
You can accessorise this skincare team with our real-u Spot Treatment.
Watch this 'How To Video' to get the best out of your real-u 3-Step Program.
Which Control serum should I use?
We have created a 'REVIEWS' page to help you decide which CONTROL Serum would suit you best based on others results and which Serum they have used. found here. If you would like further help deciding which Serum would suit your skin, send a skin pic to and Ebony will be happy to advice you further.
How many times a day should I do my skin routine?

2 x daily!! Morning and night Beauties and remember it’s not 'Beauty Sleep' if you leave your makeup on. Watch this 'How To Video' to get the best out of your real-u 3-Step Program.

Can I apply makeup after my 3-Step Program?
Yes! real-u is the perfect base for makeup application.
Do you have samples?
We have ‘Travel Packs’ that are available periodically throughout the year. 
Are real-u products sold in stores?
Yes, real-u is available in selected Priceline, Unichem and Life Pharamacies as well as online. Find your nearest store here.
Are real-u products tested on animals?
No! Animals are way too cute and cuddly. real-u products are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients. Our products are hypoallergenic and vegan.
Are your products safe to use whilst pregnant & breastfeeding?
Some of our products contain an active form of Vitamin A which is great for softening your skin, however there is an active debate on its suitability for use while pregnant & breastfeeding. We always suggest expecting Beauties & breastfeeding Mummies let their GP be their guide before using any new skincare products.
How long does it take to clear my skin?

Every skin is different and responds differently, for some Beauties it can take days/weeks to see results, for others, it can take longer and it really does depend on what your skin had been through before starting with real-u.

Will real-u help with acne scarring?
We don't claim that our products improve older acne scars, however we have had many of our users say they noticed an improvement in their scarring. But if the scarring you are referring to are the red marks after the pimple clears, this is simply your skin healing, as real-u products are packed with antioxidants (and a little bit of magic) they can help to heal these marks faster.
#skintip: massage these marked areas especially when cleansing to promote healing.
Will real-u help my pigmentation marks left from pimples?

Often the pigmentation marks left after the pimples are long gone are more annoying than the pimples themselves. 
We don't guarantee that our products improve pigmentation but many of our users noticed that these pigmentation marks heal faster as real-u products help to calm and heal your skin (healthy skin heals faster). #skintip: massage your real-u products into these marks to promote healing.

Why don’t real-u products contain Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid?
These “2 Common Nasties” are antiquated technology and are surprisingly still found in most acne products. It's these nasty chemicals you won’t find hiding in real-u products that set us apart from the rest. Our revolutionary breakthrough technology (only found in real-u) works with your skin not against it - to help clear and control breakouts while supporting your skin's natural function. Our Australian made formula is one of a kind!
My skin is getting worse since I started with real-u?
When starting on a new skincare range a very small percentage of skins go through an initial detox to clear any underlying issues. While your skin is purging and readjusting stick to your routine 2 x daily. Don’t panic, it usually clears up quickly. 
I have combination skin, can I use real-u products?
With combination skin you can treat your skin all over or in zoned areas. If you only have breakouts in one particular area apply our CONTROL Serum to the breakout/oily zone only.
I have sensitive skin, can I use real-u products?

While it's impossible to say how each individual skin will react to any given product, most of our users with sensitive skin are loving real-u. Our unique hypoallergenic products work with your skin to support your skin's natural function.

I have dry skin is real-u suited to me?
Our range is more suited to oily, breakout prone skin, so you may need a more nourishing moisturiser at night. However if you have dry, but breakout prone skin (which can be typical especially if you have been using harsh acne products that dry out your skin), then real-u helps to balance your skin.
Does real-u help with blackheads?
Blackheads are very stubborn in nature & often take the longest to see results. #skintip: apply our Spot Treatment to the affected area before your Control Serum for that extra kick and reapply 3-4 x daily. Some blackheads need to be extracted by a skincare professional.
Will real-u help cystic acne?
Cystic acne can be tricky to treat topically as sometimes it doesn’t come up to the surface of your skin. However as our products help reduce inflammation & calm the skin, most people usually find it's a lot more comfortable, less irritated and heals faster. 
It's not something we guarantee as every skin reacts differently, but many of our users have had great results.
I have dark circles under my eyes?

Dark circles are usually genetic and hard to treat.  It relates to your kidney area, make sure you drink enough water but not too much.  Also massage your under eye area from the inner corner outwards when you do your skincare routine.  And sleep!

Will real-u help with my eczema?

Our products are best suited to oily, breakout prone skin.

Why do I get breakouts on my jaw line?

Internally, the chin/jaw line is in our ‘hormone zone’ so it's quite common for girls in particular, to be prone to breakouts at various stages in our cycles. An important thing to remember is that sugar and dairy foods can result in a spike in pimple-causing hormones. Everybody reacts differently to different things and sometimes it can take a while to work out your individual triggers. Our products help to take care of your skin topically from the outside.

Will real-u help with Milia?
Milia are very stubborn little beasts and often require a dermatologist to carefully extract them for you. However, we’ve had many of our users notice an improvement in their Milia as their skin becomes healthier. A little extra tip is to have foods rich in Vit. C, as this can help too.
Will real-u help my Rosacea?

Our products are best suited to oily, breakout prone skin.

I have just stopped using the pill and my skin is breaking out?

Anything that influences or alters your hormones can wreak havoc on your skin. At this stage, it is common for your hormones to go through an overactive period before they resettle – taking your skin along for the ride. Tough it out through this phase and stick to your skincare routine 2 x daily. 

Can I use real-u on other areas of the body?

Our products are designed for the face, but yes many people use them on other areas of the body where they have breakouts. The CONTROL+ Serum is more suited to the skin on the body as the cells turn over at a much slower rate. Persistence is the key.

Can I include an exfoliant or toner into my real-u skincare routine?
1. Exfoliant - some skin, especially problem skin can benefit from a gentle exfoliation each day. Do this with  your real-u  FACE CLOTH – using small circular movements when removing our CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash helps keep problem skin more stable.

2. Toner - if you have a favourite toner you can use it after ‘Step 1’ CLEANSE, however our range is designed as a 3-Step Program that work best when used together as a set, so additional products are not necessary.  If the toner is oil based, it is best not to use it.
Can you recommend a good foundation?

It is really a try and see scenario, your skin will soon tell you if it’s not happy with a foundation. Mineral powder foundations are good for breakout prone skin as they allow your skin to breath and heal. We always prefer makeup free skin!

Can my Fitness powders be causing me to break out?
Fitness powders can play havoc with your hormones and cause breakouts.
Do i have to use all 3-Steps together?
Our 3-Step Program works best when used together as each step compliments the other.  More about our 3-Step Program
Do you have an ingredients list?
We love to see people who are passionate about what they’re putting on their skin – because we are too! All our ingredient listings can be found on our products page.
Micro, Peels, and real-u…

Peels - Be careful, peels sometimes create more problems.  It feels nice for a few days, then your skin ends up worse – which can result in your skin producing more oil and more skin cells, as the peel is designed to train your skin cells to turn over faster and strip the oils from your skin.

Micro-  can be ok, but in my experience, it doesn’t do that much for acne prone skin.

Lasers - be careful when using lasers as they can make your skin sensitive and more prone to pigmentation in the long run.

I have blind pimples that hurt so much - which product would help?
I know blind pimples can be very tender, our Spot Treatment is your best friend here. Be gentle!
Can I use anti-ageing products with real-u products?
Yes, technically you can use anti-ageing products with our products.  Healthy skin always looks good no matter what your age.

real-u works on controlling breakouts but also on repairing, calming and rebuilding the health of your skin. Our Control Serum & Hydrate work on creating healthy, calm, plump cells that make your skin feel and appear smoother.  Also having a more even tone skin makes your skin appear younger. But the biggest effect is the reduction of pore size as smoother skin reflects light better, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Just be aware that some anti-ageing products can be irritating on skin. l recommend staying away from the stripping ingredients as it goes against the effects of real-u and can cause an increase in oil production and sensitivity in your skin. Listen to your skin, it will tell you.
Do you offer refunds?

Due to health and safety regulations we are unable to offer refunds on opened or used products.  

I entered in the wrong address - what now?

Please send your order number, full name and correct postal address to [email protected] ASAP!

I gave the wrong email address - what now?

Please contact us at [email protected] and we can give you the tracking information for your parcel.  When you are ready to re-order your products, please create a new account with the correct email address.

How can I pay for my products?

We accept payment through credit card, PayPal and AfterPay.

I’ve changed my mind and wish to cancel my order?

If your order has already left our premises we are unable to cancel your order.

I forgot to collect my parcel and it has been returned to sender - what now?

Please contact us at [email protected] to organise for a re-shipping fee to be paid.  We will get your order out to you as soon as possible.

Do you guarantee results?

We don’t guarantee results as every skin is different and responds differently. real-u has been very effective for most people. There are many factors that can contribute to problem skin and in some cases a topical treatment struggles against internal imbalances.

Do your products help with pore size?

People with oily skin have a tendency to have more noticeable pores. Our products work on controlling the oils on your skin, giving the appearance of reduced pores.

How long will the products last for?

Approximately 2-3 months.

Do I need to take extra precautions in the sun whilst using real-u?
As our products don’t contain the harsh acids that are usually responsible for opening your skin to sun exposure you don’t need to take extra precautions, however l always recommend using your sunscreen when you are in the sun.
real-u accepts payments from PayPal, afterpay (Aus only) and all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. See our terms and conditions here. For all billing and payment enquiries please contact us at [email protected] .
Within Australia, products are dispatched within 1-2 business days of the order being placed. We send all our parcels with Australia Post, please allow 5-7 days for express post and 7-10 days for standard shipping, but we usually find they land on your doorstep sooner. If you haven’t seen the postie, please check at your local post office. We will send you an email about tracking your shipment once your products are on their way. More info found here... real-u shipping info
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